Raycast extension for Hashnode

Raycast extension for Hashnode

Search, Publish and Share your hashnode blogs


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GraphQL is an absolute marvel in the realm of software technology. My journey with GraphQL began about two months ago, and I must admit, it initially felt like diving into the deep end. As I navigated the complexities, I found myself delving into REST APIs, only to circle back last year and construct an entire app from scratch, complete with a GraphQL layer and more. Hashnode, being my go-to platform during my learning phase a year ago, was where I envisioned sharing my insights, especially on the fascinating world of GraphQL.

Although my GraphQL blogs are still lingering in the drafts, the allure of coding GraphQL APIs in projects is something I can't resist any day. Enter Hashnode, presenting a golden opportunity by unveiling its API to the public.

As for Raycast, I first heard about it during its X launch. Admittedly, I wasn't part of the Mac ecosystem then, missing out on understanding the unique problems it solves for Mac users.

Now, imagine bringing all these elements together into a delightful smoothie. Enter the Raycast extension for Hashnode โ€“ a potential game-changer. With the public API at your fingertips, imagine the possibilities and the seamless user experience it could offer. Don't miss out on this innovative way of publishing technical blogs; it might just be the missing piece you've been waiting for!


User would need hashnode username and PAT (Personal Access Token) ๐Ÿ‘†


Profile Section to share articles and look up personal articles quickly

Publish Command to publish articles to your publications right from your dock.

Search Command to search blogs from subscribed publications

Future Scope of the extension

As the hashnode API evolves, and it adds more power to customize search and filter, the scope of the extension if mainly going to be focused on improving user experience.

  • Introducing Oauth with hashnode.

  • Better Insights on profile page about blog analytics.

  • More configurable form elements to publish media rich blogs right from your dock.

  • Draft first approach for your blogs.

  • Powerful Search based on tags and fuzzy Search over title, author and publication

Try out the extension today on Raycast : ๐Ÿ‘†

Send some feedback to me on Hashnode or Github: https://github.com/agrittiwari/hashnode-search-and-publish โญ

Install Raycast Extension : https://www.raycast.com/agrittiwari/hashnode-search-and-publish

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